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About Me

I’ve helped develop a Paid Media department of 5 advertisers deliver success on social and search platforms. I’ve helped over 50 companies build their online presence in healthcare, medical device, fitness, cosmetics, & retail industries through paid media, SEO, analytics and a touch of design.

I specialize in lead generation, and do everything involved in a successful digital strategy top to bottom.

mitch marowitz

Start Growing Your Brand Online

Search Engine Marketing

Dominate search results with organic and paid strategies made specifically for your needs and budget.

Social Media Marketing

Boost brand awareness and stop scrollers with engaging, actionable content.

Copy Writing

Establish your voice, your tone, & your expertise with SEO optimization in mind.

Email + SMS Marketing

Retarget and drive conversions without paying for CPM or CPC with logic-based delivery.

Website Design

Design & build a website from scratch, or made adjustments to your current one.

Website Management

Host your website, boost loading times, reduce spam, & keep it up-to-date.
What I've Learned

High-Impact Strategies

Know Your Audience

Research your target market and demographics so you can better reach your audience.

Know Your Surroundings

Analyze what your competition is doing — and what they're not — so you can shoot the gap.


Let's make sure the execution matches the vision. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Analyze the Data

Make sense of the numbers & find what works to realistically reach your goals.

Prepare for Opportunities

Everything ebbs and flows. Position yourself to take off on the party waves.

Zero In

Continue calibrating for bullseyes. Find channels, funnels, & conversions that matter.

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