Instagram is becoming one of the most widely used social media platforms. As a marketer, it can be great for connecting a lifestyle with your brand and help relate to customers. One way to take advantage of this is to pay an influencer to endorse your brand.

You can reach specific and hard-to-reach audiences by using an influencer to promote your brand or product. To find the right influencer, you’ll have to do some social listening. This will make you aware of accounts, hashtags, and other trends you might want to capitalize on.

It takes to really find and analyze an audience on any social platform. To ease the process, there are tons of platforms you can use to find, sort through, compare and pay influencers easily. You can find a list of a lot of them at Influencer Marketing Hub. They’re all going to cost some money, but that’s to be expected.

If you’ve already got a decent understanding of your audience and have made a list of influencers, there are some nifty free tools you might want to check out. The three I have found are specific to Instagram. Check them out. Instagram Analytics

Some data you’ll find for free with are basic profile info, audience insights and engagement insights. also gives analysis on hashtags which can be really useful for finding trends. Enter in a hashtag and get the following results:


HypeAuditor will give you Instagram account analytics for free in a similar way will:

Micro-Influencers vs Celebrities

The great thing about this tool is it will give you an estimated cost per post. That can be useful for approaching your select influencer but doesn’t account for intangibles, so remember that it’s only an estimate. The report from this tool can be useful for finding the following:

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