Get to Know me

Mitch Marowitz

“A man is only as good as his tools.” - Emmert Wolf

What I do

I teach myself applicable skills:

  • I choose a skill I want or need to learn.
  • I research basics and discover capabilities.
  • I find leading experts to learn from and take notes.
  • I find free and paid for tools available to me.
  • I experiment and get my hands dirty.

Things I know

Besides every offensive player in the NFL from Fantasy Football:

  • PPC, specifically Google Ads (certified) & Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • SEO strategies and metadata markup
  • Visual content creation with Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and learning After Effects)
  • Copy writing & editing articles, ads, pages, newsletters, etc.
  • Analytics through Google and Facebook Business Manager or even email and survey analytics
  • CMS Systems, big on WordPress
  • HTML & CSS fundamentals
  • Email Marketing strategy and execution
  • Office & G Suite, of course

Work I've done

You’ll be able to see some visual work I’ve done below.

I spent a year with Esportz Network playing a leadership role and both managing and creating content. I’d edit at least a few articles a day, pair them with visual content, slap it on the site with proper metadata markups then promote the content through various social platforms.

Before that, I made an Instagram account dedicated to hip-hop music—Neaux Cap Collective.

I’ll be adding more content I’ve worked on soon, but for now you can enjoy Photoshopped images I had conveniently saved.