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Things I Do

Search Engine Marketing

Reach consumers who already have an intent to look for what you provide.

Social Media Marketing

Establish your brand and get people talking.

Email + SMS Marketing

A fee-less channel to keep current customers up top date.

Things I Share

Digital Marketing

Free Google Tools for Audience Insights

Google analytics—I know you’ve heard of it. The (mostly) free tool that gives you an insight into traffic and behaviors within your website is a must-have instrument. But Google also has other free tools you should consider using. Google Trends Find out what your audience is searching with Google Trends.

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Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Segmentation by Platform

Each social media platform has a different user base with their own demographic and psychographic segmentation. Each platform provides its users a unique benefit which attracts a certain audience for a specific reason. If you’re using social media advertisements for your company’s marketing efforts, you should consider your objective and

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Digital Marketing

Mailchimp 101: Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most valuable tools in the digital marketing toolbox. It’s cost-effective and, when used properly, can be used to give your subscribers timely and relevant messages to increase retention and sales. Mailchimp is a widely used service to make email marketing easy. It can be

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